How Does VA Disability Back Pay Work?

How Does VA Disability Back Pay Work

The VA Disability compensation process is something of a hassle. It tends to take a long time, as the VA has to go through many different lists to check off before deciding if someone is eligible for VA benefits. Now, the last thing disabled veterans want to hear is how …

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How to Find Lawyers for Veterans

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There are many benefits available to retired military personnel and retired veterans, especially those who were injured or made ill during their service. Unfortunately, and as you might expect with a government-run organization, applying for and being approved for these benefits isn’t always a smooth process. The Department of Veterans …

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Dogs for Veterans: FAQs and General Info

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Owning a dog is one of the greatest joys we can experience as humans. They provide companionship, protection, and in some cases, help you meet your basic needs. There is also growing evidence that having a dog companion can also help you manage post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is one …

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