Since Florida legalized cannabis less than one year ago many people seeking relief from illness finally have access to medical marijuana. One of the largest groups that benefit from cannabis as medicine is Veterans suffering from symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety, and Pain.
Marijuana has a unique ability to treat many conditions without causing negative side effects like traditional medications. Many of our soldiers endure traumatic situations in a war that leave them with lasting effects like nightmares, chronic anxiety, panic attacks and worse. Typically doctors have prescribed benzodiazepines and Opioids to treat these symptoms, leaving our national heroes addicted and worse shape than before.
In states that legalized marijuana for medical purposes, many Veterans have begun to find relief and ditch the addictive medications for weed! These guys are getting their lives back and able to work and live day by day without the intense PTSD symptoms, or feeling completely medicated from Xanax and worst.
Even though scientific evidence that marijuana treats these conditions successfully, Veterans still have an uphill battle to fight, in Florida and nationwide. Since marijuana is still an illegal schedule 1 substance with the federal government, the VA won’t pick up the tab, or even recommend these treatments.
Instead, Vets must source out medical marijuana doctors themselves outside the VA and find a way to pay the high costs of getting approved for cannabis and then buying the monthly medication needed to treat their unique health conditions.
Veterans Affairs Sec. David Shulkin maintains that even though the VA cannot recommend cannabis treatments for Veterans because federal law prohibits them, he still believes that marijuana is a viable treatment for Veterans across the nation.
However, the public perception of cannabis is changing and some lawmakers stand alongside our Vets for cannabis and are looking to change current legislation. We need more research done on the effects of marijuana on the human brain. Without the federal funding to get the research done, we rely on other nations like Isreal who are studying CBD and THC vigourously.
Not only can it treat symptoms we deal with daily recent research suggest that cannabis may hold the key to treating many other illnesses that not only effect Veterans but all of mankind.
Once we change legislation nationwide the VA along with large insurance companies will cover cannabis treatments in the same way they cover us now. With so much science proving the effectiveness of marijuana for the symptoms Vets, many of us are fighting to change the current laws.