If you’re reading this, then chances are you are among the brave men and women willing to put their lives on the line for our country. On behalf of all of us who, for whatever reason, have not followed in your footsteps, we’d like to say a heartfelt “thank you.” That’s exactly what this article is about: a big thank you. From Jiffy Lube to Carhartt, there are hundreds of businesses that offer discounts to active duty, reserve, and retired service members. This is in no way a complete list, but it should give you some idea of where you can go to enjoy a complimentary thank you.

Automotive Discounts

Did you know that if you’re a veteran with proof of service, you could get not only parts for your car at a discount but the car itself? There are several car companies that offer sometimes significant discounts on new or recent models. In pretty much all cases, you need an honorable discharge and a valid military ID to qualify. Here is a small sample of what automotive discounts could be available to you.

Advance Auto Parts – 10% off all regularly priced items when purchased in store with a valid military ID.

Ford $500.00 towards the purchase or lease of an eligible Ford vehicle for military personnel within 180 days after service and a valid military ID. Savings extend to spouses.

General Motors Potentially to thousands off when purchasing certain Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC vehicles. Individual branches may offer further discounts.

Toyota – $500 towards a new Toyota model vehicle for active duty, reserve, retired, and veteran personnel along with immediate household family members.

Clothing & Shoe Discounts

For most people, clothing is one of those basic necessities in life. Just like food and shelter, what we wear plays an integral role in our lives. Whether your outfit is protecting you from chilling temperatures or simply a fashion statement, here are a few of the countless clothing and shoe outlets that offer military discounts.

Bates Footwear Up to 47% off for all military personnel and their legal dependents. Valid military ID or troop number plus honorable discharge for retired persons and veterans required.

Carhartt 10% discount on Carhartt apparel and accessories for active, reserve, and retired and veteran service members and immediate family.

Kohl’s 15% military discount on in-store purchases with military ID. Offer not valid at every store.

Old Navy 10% off your entire in-store purchase every Monday with military ID during checkout.



Electronic Device Discounts

These days, it can feel like the whole of America is glued to their computer or tablet or a smartphone. You might feel a little out of the loop or maybe there’s a new game you want to get? Maybe you just want to save a bit on something you already use all the time? Here is a small list of companies and stores that offer military discounts on electronics.

[highlight color=”green”] Apple – Active, reserve, and retired military personnel and their families can enjoy discounts on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macs. [/highlight]

Best Buy – 10% off purchases and up to 50% off Geek Squad services for qualified military families.

Hewlett Packard – Up to 10% off computers as well as other exclusive deals for registered military persons and their household members.

Microsoft 365 – 30% off on a package that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. You will find this discount available at your nearest military exchange store.

Education Discounts

Beyond the usual state-funded tuition reimbursement plans, there are many schools that take it up a notch for active duty, reserve, retired, and veteran service members. Certain requirements, such as an honorable discharge a certain number of days in active combat, and level of disability apply. In some cases, these discounts are either designed specifically for or applicable to dependent family members.

Kaplan University Discounted tuition fees offered to veterans, active duty personnel, and their immediate families.

Keystone School 10% off on tuition fees for their online high school and middle school programs. Discounts are not available with an online application and arrangements must be made in person or over the phone.

Regent University Discounted tuition for currently serving or otherwise retired service members. The remaining balance may be covered by military Tuition Assistance.

Tutor.com Free online tutoring offered to all active, reserve, and retired personnel as well as veterans and immediate family members.

Home and Garden Discounts

If you’ve ever taken on a home improvement project, you probably quickly realized just how expensive these little upgrades to our homes can get. Whether you’re looking for fabric or a new bathtub, there are plenty of craft and home and garden stores that offer discounts for military personnel. Here are four common ones to get your search started.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores – 10% off in-store purchases, including sale and clearance items with military ID.

Lowes 10% discount to all active and retired military members on nearly all in-store and online purchases. Sign up online for a special card and link your spouse on the account.

Michaels 15% off your in-store purchases at Michaels with valid US military ID at checkout. All branches of active and retired military plus their families may qualify.

Sears 20% off regular-priced tools and 5% on top of sale priced items with a valid military ID.

Restaurant Discounts

Food is another one of those things that everybody needs and you might not always feel like cooking for yourself or a loved one. Staying in and eating the same old things all the time can get boring pretty fast. Kill your cabin fever by getting out there and having a good time at any one of these military friendly places to eat (or all of them, we won’t judge).

Buffalo Wild Wings 10% off on your entire order at select locations with a military ID.

Chuck E. Cheese Approximately 40% off on two exclusive packages with a military ID.

Dairy Queen 10% off your purchase with a valid ID and up to 50% off for showing up in uniform.

Shoney’s 15% off for all military members both on active duty and retired with the presence of an authentic military ID or uniform.

While this is not a comprehensive list and we encourage you to inquire about specific companies and locations about their individual policies, we hope our post has given you a bit better of an idea of where you as a military person or family member can go to receive your well-earned, financial thank yous.