T-Mobile Military DiscountMilitary discounts aren’t altogether uncommon and many great companies have taken the positive step of rewarding military service members on active duty and military spouses as well as retired military personnel. A lot of these discounts take the shape of discounts on a day out or events that are absolutely brilliant. However, when companies such as cell phone networks take it upon themselves to offer discounts to military members it can make a difference to your finances month to month and make your money go a lot further.

In the modern age, pretty much everyone has a cell phone and T-Mobile is one of the biggest networks in the USA. Military or not, many people opt for T-Mobile. The big networks can now offer extras on top of the network such as Sports subscriptions, Netflix, Hulu and other TV networks and these are often built into cell phone packages to give the best possible deal.

If you are currently serving in the military, or are one of the thousands of retired military personnel, it may well be the case that T-Mobile is the best bet not just because of their discounts but because of their impressive network and recent investments into improving their network. T-Mobile has pledged to spend over $500m on their coverage and capacity and this is designed to include the communities local to military bases in the United States.

Military Discount FISome companies offer their military discounts as a small but helpful gesture for those on active service and sometimes their families. This is not the case with T-Mobile has gone all out with its impressive discount. It is not restricted to just active service either, with all veterans being entitled to the same level of discount.

The discount is more impressive if you show loyalty to your cell phone provider (why wouldn’t you) and your whole family use their devices. The first phone on the contract is $55 a month, to add a second it is just an extra $25 and lines 3 – 6 on your contract are just $10 each. Most of our family setups have a few different phones in use and getting a contract for just $10 a month is almost unheard of.

Included in the prices above, we have some very impressive features. Not only do these plans have unlimited texts, calls, and data, they can be used for texting abroad in over 140 countries at no extra charge. In Mexico and Canada, your calls are also included in your plan. These plans even include Netflix (a standard subscription) so you can save money on staying up-to-date with your favorite TV seasons and movies, too. Mobile hotspot data comes as standard and isn’t charged as an extra so you can use your cell phone to get other devices such as tablets online too or connect to a laptop if you are in a tricky spot with no WiFi network.

As if all of the above features weren’t enough, you can also get 50% off of the actual phone itself if you opt for one of the Samsung phones the network carries. This special offer is applied via monthly credits on your account. It is easy to see why so many people with military connections are heading to T-Mobile.

Of course, it is only right that you have to go through the process of proving your military service. Fortunately, this is a very simple process and the T-Mobile website says it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes in most cases. To do so, you can simply go to your local store and staff will take you through the process. This can be a helpful thing to do anyway if you want to look at the handsets and get some advice from staff on your contract. The most you will need to do in order to prove your Military status (or veteran status) is upload some documentation. If you do have more questions about this process they even have a helpline which can be contacted on 1-800-T-MOBILE. It is important to note that the first contract and primary account should be in the military serviceman or woman’s name. Further contracts can be added from here all applying the discounts outlined above. Once you have proved your military status you will never have to change this or tell T-Mobile if your employment status changes as the plans will remain available even after active service.

T-Mobile Military Discount MI

T-Mobile’s commitment to the military isn’t just taking the form of discounts on their contracts though. The company are funding and supporting the FourBlock program which is designed to help people who are leaving the military find new careers and make the transition back to work after their military service. T-Mobile is one of the key funders and supporters of this brilliant organization which helps thousands of military personnel.

The network also has promised to recruit over 10,000 military veterans and family members over a five year period from 2018. More than half of military personnel have at least a spell of unemployment in the period after their transition from the military and T-Mobile has introduced its pledge in order to assist those who have left service. This extends to spouses and family members, too, who often have to move with their partners and as such experience a difficult time finding work as they have to move from location to location.

Once in a while a company really invests in the USA’s military and veterans, it is always refreshing to see a company take seriously all the sacrifices that have been made by individuals all across the USA. Even small discounts are welcome and go some way to helping, but this is no small discount. If you have a whole family on your T-Mobile account the savings can be absolutely huge, leaving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to spend in other ways, all while retaining the superb service of one of the largest cell phone networks in the world.