Your Guide to VA Burial Benefits

Burial Insurance Form Policy Concept

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things that we will face in our lifetime. This is true whether the person we lose is young or old. It is an emotionally trying time that requires a lot of effort and preparation that means you mostly have to …

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What is a Protected Veteran?

Fito Magdaleno U.s. Army Veteran

When it comes to official status, there are actually a few different kinds of designations for veterans. These designations will have an effect on the programs you are entitled to, as well as what protections you have under the law. There are a variety of different kinds of designations and …

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Home Depot Military Discount

Military Discount

Veterans and those currently serving active duty or other military service have given so much to us and our country so why shouldn’t they deserve the best discounts?  It’s all too easy to swan through life taking things for granted and not thinking about the hardships that some of our …

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