Veterans Vacations: Best Deals and Discounts

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In addition to the official benefits available through the government for veterans, military families, and other military personnel, there are also a number of benefits and perks provided by individual companies. These benefits are provided by companies to honor vets for their military service. In many cases, the military discounts …

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Veteran Non-Profit Organizations in the USA

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There are several veteran non-profit organizations in the USA that provide a variety of services, support, and resources to military vets. In order to be considered an official veterans’ non-profit, an organization must have membership of at least three-quarters veterans and more than 97% of its members must be past …

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Military Shadow Box Ideas for Home Display

The military accomplishments of you or your loved ones are something for which you should be proud. These things are part of your family’s legacy and they shouldn’t be packed away in a box somewhere, hidden from everyone. Display cases or military shadow boxes are great ideas for displaying various …

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Military Ranks in Order

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Military ranks for military members are based on their experience and the number of years they’ve been enlisted. These ranks affect their earnings and the benefits they receive. It also affects the medals and ribbons, as well as the authority and responsibility you have. Though rankings are similar, the various …

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Military Loans: Options and FAQs

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Military personnel, military families, and veterans are entitled to a number of benefits, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t going to face struggles throughout their lives. As much as we might want to provide an easy road for those who made the sacrifice to serve, this isn’t always possible. The …

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Loans for Veterans: What You Need to Know

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`Military members sacrifice a great deal. They are forced to travel on a whim, leave their families, put their lives in danger, and give up many of the benefits available to civilians. In exchange for their sacrifices, active duty military members and once they leave the service—as well as those …

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