There isn’t a lot that is more fun and rewarding than taking a family vacation. This is especially true for active duty military personnel who may have to spend long amounts of time far from home. For active duty and retired military personnel, moments like these are what you live for. The thing is, even with promotional tickets, vacations can often be pretty pricey, often making them out of reach for families with modest incomes.

Public and private institutions across the country offer a wide range of discounts and rewards programs, designed specifically for active duty and retired military personnel. These rewards and discounts are small ways that society can say thanks and give back to people who sacrifice their time, put themselves in danger, and sometimes even die, for their country.

These small tokens of gratitude for military members are just that, but they can make life a little better and make something like a family vacation more within your reach, even if you are living on a tight budget. There are many different resorts and popular vacation destinations that offer discounts or even special packages that are designed for military personnel and their family.

One of the [highlight color=”green”] most popular vacation destinations in the United States will likely always be Disneyland.[/highlight] most popular vacation destinations in the United States will likely always be Disneyland. As they say, it’s “the Happiest Place on Earth.” Just mention the word “Disneyland” to a child and watch their eyes light up with joy and glee. And Disneyland isn’t just for young kids either. There are tons of rides, exhibits, as well as food and entertainment offerings that make this a fun vacation destination for people of all ages.


Discount Disneyland Tickets


Disneyland too offers special discounts for military members. These are steep savings that are a way of saying thanks for the sacrifice and bringing the joy of Disneyland to as many military service personnel and their families as possible. These are highly discounted vacation packages that give you access to all the elements of the part at a price you can afford.

In order to qualify for the discount, you must be or be the spouse of an active or retired member of the military. In addition to the common branches of the military, members of the National Guard, Reservists, US Coast Guard, Commissioned Corp of the Public Health Service, Commissioned Corp of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration are also eligible for this discount. Valid military identification will be required in order to take advantage of the discount.

For 2018, Disneyland is offering Military Promotional 3-Day and 4-Day Park Hopper Tickets, allowing you access to both the theme park and resort. You get an amazing deal on these packages starting at $168 for 3-days or $188 for 4-days. For an additional $50, you can also add the Disney PhotoPass Collection to your vacation package.

This additional photo package includes digital downloads of all Disney PhotoPass photos. You also get a voucher for a Dining Print Package. Finally, you will also receive a Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc, which has more than 350 breathtaking, high-quality photos from various locations around the resort.

The wonderful thing about Disneyland is all the different things there are to do. At Disneyland, you will find a Downtown Disney District, as well as two different theme parks, which you get admission to with the military package.

Disneyland Park is the classic, iconographic element of the park. This is the original part of the theme park and where you and your family have the ability to mingle, get pictures, and signatures from Mickey Mouse and many other favorite Disney characters. This is also where you find classic rides like Splash Mountain.

In the main park, you will be able to take part in the Pirates of the Caribbean themed ride. There is also an incredibly popular Star Wars themed adventure called Star Tours—The Adventure Continues.

Many days at the main park at Disneyland culminate with a beautiful and exciting fireworks display.

The military package also gives you access to Disney California Adventure Park. This is where you can experience tons of rides that are inspired by various Disney and Pixar stories and characters. There is a “Soarin’ Around the World” exhibit that allows you to experience natural wonders, Car Land, and even Frozen—Live at the Hyperion Jamboree.

This is just a small taste of the different entertainment options and activities that you can enjoy while at Disneyland. There is plenty for kids of all ages to do and there are even fun entertainment options for adults at night as well. This means that even the adults will have a special treat in store for them when they visit Disneyland.

A family vacation is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones and gives you the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. Vacations are often out of the budgets of many families, especially military families that live on a fixed budget. This is why there are so many special offers and discounts that are specially made for active and retired military personnel and their families. These little perks are small ways of giving back to those who have served our country and to show them our thanks and appreciation.

Disneyland is offering a military-specific discount package that gives families access to the wide range of fun activities in the two parks at a price that is far more affordable than the normal package price. These packages are open to all active and retired service members, as well as those in a variety of reserve capacities as well. You can take advantage of these savings any time during 2018, so long as you purchase your tickets and packages before December of this year.

These packages are incredibly affordable and are for 3- or 4-day trips and cost less than $200 to start. With little additions to the package, you can bring home pictures of your times at the park for a discounted price as well. In order to qualify for these savings, you will need to have a valid military identification with you at the time of purchasing the tickets/packages.