Lowes Military Discount

Lowes is the second largest hardware store chain in America—and in the whole world. A company which started from relatively humble beginnings has grown to become a massive, Fortune 500 company with branches all over the USA. In spite of the huge size of the company, they haven’t forgotten their roots and the role the military service in the US, and are rewarding military service members on active duty and honorably discharged retired military personnel, including disabled veterans, and military family members with a discount program in all of their stores and online.

Lowe’s founder Carl Buchan has experienced the military first hand. Perhaps this plays a part in why the company is so loyal to the US forces. In 1941, after the Pearl Harbor attack, both Buchan and all of his four brothers, decided to enlist. All of them went on to serve their country in the war. Buchan was a partner of brother-in-law Jim Lowe, whose family originally started the first Lowes store and in 1943, they teamed up to grow the company. Buchan had received an honorable discharge due to an injury he had sustained in the war. He was smart enough to see that following on from the war there would be a huge demand for hardware and building materials and equipment. The company took advantage of this need and their growth was unprecedented.

Buchan, unfortunately, died aged just 44 in the 1960s, but the company had 21 stores by this point and his legacy lives on through the company—and their proud American values. Lowes serves over 17 million people a week and they know that among those people are many military personnel and families. Hence, the company’s generous discount.

Military DiscountHaving a discount available to you is always a positive thing, but when a company such as Lowes creates a discount scheme it can have a huge impact, especially if you are renovating your home or even if your career post-military involves building and hardware. Lowes’ range is so massive that the impact of the 10% discount can be impressive. You can buy almost anything you need in the home from your local Lowes or from their online store.

I’m not joking when I say you can get “almost anything” for the home either. Whether you need paint for your bedrooms, new door fittings, electrical goods, plumbing materials, and even garden appliances and furniture, Lowes has it all. Everything from gas grills for the summer barbeques to tools for use around the home to smart-home equipment and security. This whole range is discounted for the military, meaning virtually everything you need to buy for the home or that classifies as ‘hardware’ will be yours for a cheaper price.

On top of the 10% discount, Lowes also offers free parcel shipping, a wonderful scheme for those of us in the more rural areas who struggle to regularly get to a Lowes. This is also a great option if you are ordering things for your family while you are away.

Once you have signed up for a Lowes Military Account, you can also add a spouse and even dependents onto this account, meaning they can all benefit from the savings. Lowes knows that military is about family too and even if you are stationed away your home should still benefit from the discounts offered to you.

Lowes already offers the best prices even without the discounts! At the current time, Lowes offers a price match. If you find an identical product elsewhere they are willing to price match. You just have to take proof via a photograph, advert or online listing of the product where the price is clearly visible. Lowes staff will then check this and, in most cases, they can price match. This only applies to items you buy rather than things like installation and fitting. Basically, between your military discount and the fact that they will price match, you can ensure you are always getting the best price when you shop at Lowes.

Lowes HardwareDiscount isn’t the only way that everyone at Lowes is doing their bit for the military. They are committed to providing employment to the military once they have been discharged from the military. The company already employs over 10,000 veterans or reserves in its stores. Around 800 staff members are on active duty with Lowes giving differential pay while they serve. The company has really thought of every way it can do its bit for the military and their attitude to helping US citizens who have made sacrifices for their country is commendable.

There was a time when veterans could only benefit from this discount on certain days throughout the year, but recently Lowes rolled out this discount so that it can be used on any day. This means that both active military and vets get their fair rewards.

Whether you are on active service, or you are retired or have been discharged, there is only one way to access the discount, so you need to be sure to follow their steps. This involves signing up for their shopping card entitled “MyLowes” which will apply the discount. This account will need you to require proof of your military status. Once you have created the account it can be used by your spouse and dependents but it is the military family member who needs to create the account in the first instance. The process is relatively simple and the card you receive is not a credit card so does not require or entail any sort of borrowing.

The eligibility of this program includes those currently serving (or veterans of) the marines, navy, army, coast guard, army and even the national guard. As well as this, their legal spouse and any dependent children up to 18 years old are included.

It is clear how much the company have thought about the brilliant things the military has done for the USA. Lowes’ roots in the military have not been forgotten and the company’s exceptional prices are even better thanks to the military discount, which has now been extended to veterans and families too.