Ford Military Discount

A discount is always welcome when you’re buying just about anything, but with certain lifestyle purchases such as buying a car, a discount can have a huge impact on your finances. Vehicles are one of the biggest and most important purchases you can make and get the choice right in terms of which brand you go for, and which model suits you, is vital. Whether you want a sporty car, a family vehicle or an SUV, the Ford range has a little of everything and all military members from the armed forces and veterans to military personnel on active duty, including the National Guard, and even family members, will be delighted to know that they are doing their bit for servicemen and women by providing military discounts.

Ford dealers describe their military appreciation program discount or exclusive offer (often taking the shape of a $1000 rebate) a way to thank people for everything they have given to the country, and there are many ways you can qualify for this type of deal. The specific discounts will become clearer when you contact your local Ford dealer, but generally, the offer applies to those serving in the army, navy, US air force, and the marines. On top of this, offers may also extend to those from the Coast or National Guard as well as reservists and those who are part of the DEP program.

Ford hasn’t forgotten about the retirees and veterans of the forces, either. As well as offering discounts to active serving military personnel, the offer extends to those who are retired on a standard retirement, early retirement or medical retirement. Ford even offers to help the surviving spouses and families of the military.

As you can see, the Ford Military Discount extends a long way. Ford is a proud US company and has a long history of helping veterans and serving military—the company even supports related projects. For instance, over the last 25 years, Ford has donated over 200 vehicles to the DAV transport network. The company even offers initiatives designed to get vets and their families into new careers after their service.

Military Discount FIIf you were to pick a car company with a range to suit just about anyone, it would probably be Ford. They recently passed the milestone of having assembled over 350 million cars in their long and illustrious past. The history of the company is one that at least most people know a little about with Henry Ford being a significant figure in the history of the United States and all of this has led to them having an absolutely massive range today.

This range truly has options for everyone and even customizable vehicles, so you can end up driving exactly the vehicle you dream of. Whether you are looking for something small and economical for doing those trips to and from work, or you need a truck for transporting tools and equipment, Ford has something they can offer and each of their models offers reliability and quality.

The Ford Military discount options are sometimes dictated by local dealerships, and finding your nearest dealer is very easy thanks to Ford’s website, on which you will find a dealership locator. There are thousands of locations to choose from and there is bound to be a helpful Ford dealership not far from servicemen and women everywhere. They are the biggest US motor company so it makes sense for them to have a strong presence in every state. Most motor dealers will offer many different payment plans too. Even with the discount, a car may not be something you are looking to buy outright. Fortunately, the discount will still apply to these payment plans and sometimes even for leasing. Ford’s staff members are notoriously helpful and understand the brilliant gesture behind this discount for the military and veterans. Your local dealer’s staff will help you to find exactly the right plan for you and ensure you don’t miss out.

So, which car will you be buying? There is such a lot of choice in the range, but the F-150 seems to be the go-to option for military personnel. A study using data from the US Automobile Association found that the F-150 pickup truck is the military’s most popular vehicle and it is also the best selling pickup in the world. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise; the truck handles all terrains superbly, is almost military-grade itself in terms of its build quality and is great for some of the more challenging roads and areas in America. It also gives a huge amount of storage space. It is easy to see why this is appealing to those who have served in the military.

Ford Military DiscountThe F-150 isn’t the only choice though. Ford offers cars from the affordable and economical Fiesta to the sporty and impressive Mustang. Which Ford is for you? It comes down to personal taste and the practicality you require from your vehicle.

As if all of this weren’t enough, Ford has gone another step toward helping veterans. Their $1000 reimbursement program may be able to help those who have sustained injury or have other needs for adaptive equipment in their Ford. Vehicles can be adapted to suit those who experience pain or discomfort due to injury or illness and Ford understands the sacrifice some veterans have made.

Of course, in order to attain your discount, you will need proof of your service in the US military. This may be a DD-214 form, leave and earnings statement or simply your retirement form. Once again, the helpful Ford staff can assist.

Those who have served their country deserve nothing but respect for doing so. Certain companies are brilliant at recognizing this and one of those is Ford. Their support has to be admired and the fact that the company has made an effort with everything from simple discounts to reimbursements for adapting vehicles and even trying to help with employment issues is commendable. For a reliable vehicle, made by a US-based company with a lot of integrity it is hard to argue with any of the Ford range whether you have served or not. That extra bit of discount is a huge added bonus.