Military members enjoy a variety of discounts offered by companies who want to show respect for their service and discounts on rental cars are one of the most beneficial.

Discounts are negotiated through government agencies in some cases. So, if you need to travel somewhere related to your official orders, you should be able to get a great rate on a rental. It’s also possible to get discounts by showing your military ID. Enterprise Rental Car offers a military discount that can come in handy when you’re traveling for work or for vacation.

Enterprise military discounts are offered because the company acknowledges the military is an important part of the company’s history. Their founder, Jack Taylor, was a decorated WWII fighter pilot before he started the business, and his goal was to instill his military values in the company as it grew. His commitment was so intense, the company was renamed Enterprise after the aircraft carrier Jack was on! Today, the Taylor family continues to honor Jack’s original vision and makes it a priority to offer support to military vets and their families.

In addition to discounts on rental cars, Enterprise also offers a pay differential for employees called up to active duty with the National Guard and Reserve. Enterprise takes its commitment to the military seriously and has received the “Best for Vets: Employers” award from the Military Times, The Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award and was listed as one of the “Best of the Best” Top Veteran-Friendly Companies by U.S. Veterans Magazine.

Renting with Enterprise means you are helping to support military members and their families. The company also has rental car facilities on more than 65 military bases across the country, and they’ve donated 250 vehicles to military members.

If you need to rent a car for an upcoming trip, Enterprise is a great option. The company offers a five percent VetRewards savings and will even pick you up and bring you to the car rental location.

Other car rental companies that offer discounts include:

Additionally, you can learn more about finding a great rate on a rental car by visiting the USAA website.

Vacation and Travel Clubs for Military Members

One of the best ways to find out about rental car discount and other vacation and travel discounts for military members is to sign up for a club.

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There are several vacation club memberships available to military personnel only that provide benefits on travel, including airfare, rental cars, and hotels. Some of these clubs, including USAA can also provide helping planning vacations by helping you choose a destination, planning within your budget, and getting ready for your trip.

Flight and Travel Discounts for Military Members

In addition to car rentals, military members can also enjoy a discounted airfare. Many domestic airlines offer discounts for off-duty flights that range from 20 to 50 percent off. Some even go as high as 65 percent.

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In addition to the discounts offered directly through Enterprise for rental cars, the company partners with others in the travel industry to bring great rewards to military members who need or want to travel. For instance, United and JetBlue Airlines both offer at least five percent discounts on flights, and JetBlue waives baggage fees. If you’re planning to travel by train instead of plane, you can get 15 percent off train tickets with Amtrak.

There are also search engines available that work in much the same way as Priceline or Travelocity to help military members find the best-discounted rates. Seats are limited, so it’s best to schedule early and be as flexible as possible.

If you aren’t comfortable using a search engine to find a fare or you are having trouble finding what you need, you can contact any airline directly to inquire about military discounts. Keep in mind you aren’t going to find these military rates on a regular website, including the airline’s site. It’s also a good idea to contact the airline even after your flight is booked or at least let them know you are a military member when you check in for your flight. Many airlines waive baggage fees when traveling, especially if they are traveling on orders.

Military Lodging Discounts

Of course, once you arrive at your destination and pick up your rental vehicle, you’ll need a place to stay. Luckily, there are plenty of hotel discounts available for military members. Many hotels even cap military rates at the per diem amount for active military members. This means you won’t pay more than you receive in a given day for pay. Expect to show your military ID when you check in if you want any kind of special discount rate.

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Another great option for lodging when traveling is to stay at a military resort. These hotels provide exceptional rates and are located in some of the world’s most popular travel destinations. You can find rates for less than $100 per night in Hawaii, Disney World, Japan, Germany, and Korea by staying at a military resort.

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In addition to overnight accommodations, these resorts also feature restaurants, bars, activities, and access to the nearby attractions at a discounted rate.

For more information or to lean about these resorts check out Armed Forces Recreation Centers or Hale Koa.

Like military flights, these resorts tend to book up quickly, so be sure to start scheduling your trip at least six months in advance, if not more. This ensures you’ll have access to exactly what you want and you won’t need to work around availability.

Are You Eligible?

In most cases, military discounts are only available to active duty service members, Guard or Reserve members, retirees, and surviving spouses. However, there are companies that provide travel discounts to veterans. It doesn’t hurt to ask if you’re no longer active duty, but don’t expect the discount or perks to be as generous as they would’ve been in the past when you were active duty or had you made a career of your military service.