Many companies offer discounts for veterans and some offer special benefits to veterans and military personnel who were on active duty but are dealing with a disability.

Though these military discounts can be flexible and many companies are generous, there are some cases where you’ll need to show you are officially classified as a disabled veteran. What does this mean?

Disabled veterans have disabilities that occurred during their time serving their country or developed as a direct result of their service. They have been officially diagnosed by a medical professional and have the paperwork to prove their diagnosis. In some cases, you’ll need to show this written diagnosis to enjoy the benefits or provide a proper ID that identifies you as a disabled veteran.

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As long as you’ve been officially classified as a disabled veteran who was previously on active duty, you are entitled to all of the benefits and military discounts offered to disabled vets.

Disney Discounts

Disney is one of the most generous companies in the country when it comes to military service and veterans benefits, as well as their family members. Not all discounts are available to everyone, so it’s important to double check your status and eligibility before planning a visit to Disney World, Disneyland, or any of the parks in the Disney family.

Some disabled veterans are eligible for Disney’s Armed Forces Salute discount. This is a temporary offer that provides a number of attractive discounts for resort rooms and park admission tickets.

If you have been classified as 100 percent permanently disabled (DAVPRM) you are eligible. You must show your Retired military personnel ID card with DAVPRM listed on the card to qualify.

Disney will want to know:

  • Were you medically retired for your disability?
  • Are you classified as permanently disabled?
  • Are you percent disabled or a lower percentage (partially disabled)?

Retired military personnel who are classified as 100 percent disabled are also eligible to stay at the Shades of Green resort located on Disney property. It’s a military owned and operated resort that makes a visit to the park comfortable and convenient. According to the Shades of Green policy, vets who have been honorably discharged with a 100 percent service-connected disability, as well as their families, are eligible for the benefit, as long as they show the proper paperwork. They can also purchase discounted admission tickets onsite.

What if I’m Only Partially Disabled?

Those who are not eligible for the discounts and benefits afforded to military members who are 100 percent disabled still enjoy benefits from Disney parks. They can stay at Shades of Green during the months of September and January and receive discounted admission passes to Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and other attractions throughout Orlando and the surrounding area.

Keep in mind, just because you qualify for benefits and discounts from Disney doesn’t mean you won’t be paying out of pocket for a number of attractions and necessities during your trip. For instance, Disney doesn’t discount dining for military members, but there are some on-site dining establishments that do offer discounts, so check in advance and plan your dining before you go if you’re interested in saving money.

Keep in mind, Disney does not set the eligibility for these discount programs. Instead, the Department of Defense determines who is eligible for Disney discounts that are related to disability. If you have any concerns or questions and Disney representatives are unable to offer you the information you need, you can contact the Department of Defense.

Joining the Disabled American Veterans Organization

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a group that offers support to disabled veterans. As a member, you enjoy a variety of benefits, including several ways to save money. Several brands have partnered with the DAV to provide disabled veterans with products and services they want and need.

What are some of the benefits afforded to disabled veterans when they are members of the DAV?

Ford has partnered with the DAV to offer members savings on certain vehicle purchases. They can also receive up to $1000 in reimbursement toward the cost of installing adaptive equipment into their vehicles.

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T-Mobile and Business Mobility Partners provide exclusive discounts to members of the DAV when they purchase products and services. This means vets are able to get affordable T-Mobile coverage and take advantage of the company’s advanced nationwide network.

Identity Guard offers protection from ID theft to disabled veterans who are members of the DAV. They receive alerts when there is any activity on their credit, which means they’ll receive instant notification if there is any fraudulent or other criminal activity occurring.

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Mobility Roadside Assistance provides emergency and paratransit roadside assistance to members of the DAV. This means you can be out and about without concern because you’ll get the assistance you need in an emergency.

The USAA provides credit to DAV members. The DAV USAA Rewards credit card is one of the organization’s most popular options and makes it easy for disabled veterans to get credit and take advantage of rewards with their everyday purchases.

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1.800.FLOWERS offers special discounts on fresh flowers and delivery to DAV members. This means you can enjoy flowers in your own home or send flowers to friends and loved ones without spending the full price.


PCSGrades offers support during relocations for members of the DAV. They provide information about neighborhoods, as well as information about schools, local REALTORS, and more. They also provide discounts to mortgage lenders and REALTORS for disabled veterans.

North American Moving Discounts

Another company that provides discounts and support to disabled veterans when they move is North American Moving Discounts. The company offers exclusive discounts on profession moving services, personal property insurance protection plans, moving supplies, and in-transit storage options.

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There are a number of benefits available to members of the DAV, so if you’re curious about these and other discounts, you’ll want to check out everything the organization provides to members. In addition to discounts, you can get support and the opportunity to socialize with other disabled veterans who share your concerns and challenges.

There are plenty of great discounts out there and it never hurts to ask. Let a company know your status and there’s a chance they’ll provide a discount on products or services.