As a way of saying “thank you” and giving back to those who have served our country, a variety of government programs, as well as private discounts and rewards programs, are available for active duty or retired veterans. It is beyond the scope of one article to describe all the different types of discounts and rewards programs that are available to our active or retired service members, but it is recommended to inquire about possible military discounts wherever you go. You will likely be surprised at the range and breadth of discounts available, all you have to do is inquire or do a quick web search.

In today’s unstable economy, every little bit of savings helps, especially for those who are also trying to raise a family in the process. Those who have sacrificed for their country through their service to the armed forces deserve a bit of extra help and assistance when they transition back into civilian life or even as a lifelong career military official. These savings programs are there to be taken advantage of and it just makes fiscal sense to use every avenue you have available to you to provide a safe, more comfortable life for you and your family.

[highlight color=”green”] Membership-only stores like Costco are a great way for military veterans and active duty service members [/highlight] to really make their money go as far as possible. Places like Costco give you access to a wide range of different products that, due to the large volume they are able to move through their warehouse-like buildings, can offer sometimes very deep savings to their military members.

However, like with all of these types of programs, membership is not free. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth having. There are tons of great deals that will save you and your family money on the things you want and need and use every day. A lot of people get so much out of their membership that it pays for itself over the course of the year or less by way of savings of food, toiletries, household cleaning products, and more.

For military personnel and their families, the costs that can be gleaned from a membership to a bulk retail outlet like Costco are hard to overstate. Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world and their size and reach have allowed them to develop direct relationships and partnerships with farms and companies to bring savings directly to their customers. Their store brand line, Kirkland, also provides a ton of high-quality options at a far lower price than brand-name products.


Membership Military Discounts


If you are or a family member is a retired or active duty service person, and you haven’t had a membership with Costco before, you can even qualify for additional membership discounts. As their way of saying thanks and giving back to those that give their all for their country, Costco gives some $60 in savings for new military members.

In order to qualify for this one-time discount, you will have to fill out a special form that is different from the regular membership form. On this form, you will be asked to provide proof of you or your loved one’s military service. This discount is open to all active duty and retired veterans and military service members, as well as their spouses and dependent children.

In addition to these initial savings, there are tons of perks you get just for being a Costco member that make it worth the price of membership. With the military discount, it becomes even easier to manage. Buying in bulk, which is often what one does at warehouse retailers like Costco, allows you to take advantage of deeply discounted rates simply due to the amount of said product that Costco can manage to sell in a given year. Due to the sheer amount of product sold, it makes sense for Costco to pass on some of that savings to its military service members, giving them the incentive to continue to renew their memberships.

With this in mind, it makes sense to have a plan that allows you to take full advantage of the savings you can get with a membership to a warehouse retailer like Costco. It is highly recommended that you look at one of the many guides online that are designed to help active and former military personnel make the most of the earnings and to take advantage of all the benefits out there for service members. These guides can help you make the most of your membership, inform you of the latest perks and incentives, and also just help you learn to maximize your savings at stores like Costco.

There are lots of ways that both private and public institutions make an effort to thank our armed service members for their service and their sacrifice for our country. While it is true that there will never be a way to truly repay them, these military specific rewards and discounts are a way that we can try to make their lives a little bit easier. Whether you live alone or you have a family, taking advantage of savings and discounted rates for active-duty military personnel and retired military personnel is a fiscally smart choice. Taking advantage of a $60 savings on a membership to Costco is just one of the many discounts that active and retired military, as well as their families, can take advantage of, giving them access to deeply discount bulk products.

This discount on membership is available to all active duty members of the military, retired veterans, and their families who can show proof of service. It is valid only for those who do not currently have an active Costco membership. In order to take advantage of these savings, you will need to provide proof of service while filling out the correct membership form that is specifically for military personnel. A membership to a bulk warehouse retailer can save you and your family a ton of money on the things you want, need, and use every day, helping you to stretch your budget as far as you possibly can.