Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and has been for many years. And this is for good reason. At Amazon, you have access to pretty much everything you can imagine and at better prices than many brick-and-mortar stores. Having an Amazon Prime membership for in-store purchases is something that many people have sworn by for years. This is because you get a lot of perks that, for many, mean the membership fee almost pays for itself by year’s end.[highlight color=”green”] One of the biggest perks of Amazon Prime is access to free two-day shipping on millions of different in-store purchases.[/highlight] In order to get express shipping like this without a membership adds up really quickly.

As the years have passed, Amazon has started to offer Prime members better perks and greater deals so as to encourage people to continue to be a part of the program. These added benefits only sweeten the proverbial pot. Many people do the bulk of their shopping on Amazon, especially now that you can purchase food, household goods, and even have equipment professionally installed—all using Amazon’s convenient site or app. Amazon Prime members get access to free books, Prime Videos, music, and more, all as a perk of having a Prime membership.

So, it isn’t all that hard to see how this can be a huge value for many families. What you might not consider, however, is just how much sense an Amazon Prime membership makes for veterans or even active duty service members. With online retailers like Amazon, that offer a whole host of services, it has never been easier for active duty military members to enjoy a few of the comforts of home, no matter where they may be stationed. The membership is just $99 a year and provides a ton of perks beyond free two-day shipping, making it an excellent choice for the budget-friendly service member or veteran trying to make the most out of their earnings.

For a military service member, one of the hardest things about being on active duty is being away from your family. Things become especially difficult during holiday times, especially for service members with children. With an Amazon Prime membership, you can get good deals on all sorts of gifts, trinkets, and other items for your spouse and children, and have it shipped directly to them. This allows you to bring the holidays to your family, even if you can’t be there physically to enjoy it with them.




Many active duty members complain of homesickness and miss some of the creature comforts or regional specialties that give them a sense of calm and feeling of home. This is another way that having an Amazon Prime membership is great for both veterans and active duty personnel, as with a Prime membership, you can purchase your favorite music, television show, or even favorite type of candy—even if you are thousands of miles from home. Though it should be noted that for most international shipments, free two-day shipping is not eligible for Prime members, this is a small price to pay for being able to have some of the creature comforts of home with you when you can’t be there.

There are tons of discounts and special benefits that are open to veterans and active duty military members who use Amazon for shopping. Even on active duty, it makes an attractive option. For many years, service personnel were unable to access Amazon Prime Videos or Prime Radio when abroad. While there may be differing requirements or restrictions, depending on where one is stationed, you can now have at least limited access to Amazon Prime Video and Radio, even when overseas. This is not currently available in a number of areas yet, but Amazon recently announced their intention to bring Prime Video and Radio to a number of military installations around the world to give active duty service members that extra access to the culture and news coming from home. This has been a huge comfort to military personnel as it gives them a taste of home, allows them to keep up with what is going on back home, and also lets them feel a little less alone than they might have otherwise felt. It is hard to describe the comfort that a small taste of home can bring to someone missing it when thousands of miles away in a strange and different land.

As it stands right now, Amazon Prime Video and Radio are currently available on a variety of military bases and installations in Afghanistan, Romania, Turkey, Djibouti (in Africa), Japan, and Kuwait. There are plans to expand these service offerings to many more military bases in the coming months and years. Additionally, Amazon has also recently announced their plans to air some of their Amazon Original content on the Armed Forces Network, which is a broadcast station available to many members of the military and their families overseas.

If you have never had a Prime membership before, there are some ways that you can get a discount or even a few free months of Prime service, though there is no mention of specific discount plans available for veterans or active duty service members. While there might not be any [highlight color=”green”] specific discounts offered to military personnel on the cost of an annual Amazon Prime membership,[/highlight] there are a number of ways that Amazon seeks to provide enhanced services to military personnel than they would normally have access to.

Amazon has continually sought to increase the number of offerings available to military personnel who are serving overseas. A Prime membership makes it just a little bit easier to stay connected with your family as you can get free two-day shipping on a variety of products, whether they are household necessities, or gifts for a special occasion, letting you show your family you are thinking about them, even if you can’t be there to celebrate with them in person. Amazon is also working to expand overseas offerings in the way of Prime Video and Music. Already, Amazon provides these services to tens of military installations and bases around the globe. Amazon has also made plans to begin offering some of their most popular original content to service members via the Armed Forces Network.